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Renaming Iris Hades to Berling

OMV, as operator, intends to change the name of the Iris Hades field development project to the Berling field.

In the Norwegian petroleum industry, it is a tradition to replace the initial prospect name with a new field name to be approved by the authorities.

According to the naming guidelines, the field name should derive from the Norse period in Norwegian history (the Viking age/Medieval period) and have positive connotations.

Berling was a dwarf in Norse mythology crafting a very beautiful necklace for Freya, the most famous Goddess living in Aasgard. “The link to Aasgard was important in the naming process, because the development concept for Iris Hades is a subsea facility tied back to the Aasgard B platform”, says Project Director Lars Drage in OMV.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy will give its final go ahead for the new field name along with approving the Plan for Development and Operation.